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Welcome to Galtex

GALTEX is a flagship company exclusively into decorative specialty paints, textures, coatings and other decorating finishers for broad spectrum user profiles ranging from commercial and residential infrastructure, object d’art to a fine piece de resistance

GALTEX is backed by a solid experience of over 15 years in the domain, and has spearheaded the shift in surface coatings with fresh, Exclusive, quality and trendy finishers to suit the requirements, seasons and the global trends in the design industry

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Galtex offers a whole range of specialty finishes and patterns – ranging from flat, 3-D, recessed, relief, glossy, matt and metallic surfaces. More than a wall finish, it makes sense to look at it as a work of art to adorn your walls. Any pattern or finish that you would have come across anywhere, can be recreated for your walls exclusively, and we believe repetition of the same finish that everyone makes is no reason to call it a specialty finish. Hence, Galtex offers a mind blowing, never-seen before range of patterns, which are replenished every season. Experience our unique range, as words wouldn’t suffice to express its versatility

Every texture finish is unique. Play with your imagination and never take your idea take a backseat as all of them are dorable now with Galtex special effects – be it effects like replica watches Gleaming Marble, Rough Marble, Rusted Oxidized, Corroded, Cracked, Broomed, Enameled, Stucco, Moss… and what not, each brought about by specialty art decorating tools. Now you get to have great finishers, on it if you please and also outstanding special effects all from Galtex

We all have evolved among various bas-relief works of art from any culture, and many of us identify our culture or roots with some of them. For yet others, it may be the need to express their individually, personal or uniqueness through the ambience they create in the room. This is exactly why Galtex launched the GRAFFITI EFFECT – these are special embossed imaginary works we create and execute for you, atop the specialty finish you have chosen, or on a flat plain wall or on any given surface you may want them on. We have an unmatched range of image gallery to choose from, if you ‘d like go by a theme already displayed by us, or replica handbags can even get creative and give us the imagery you need, and we do it bang on for you – the images can be anything – logos calligraphy, portraits, abstract patterns, pictures, scenic abstracts, recreation of paintings, theology inspired imagery…. The choice can go on and on. Graffiti is what lets you be a cut above the ordinary by just a subtle touch of distinctiveness

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GALTEXed Projects

LNG Terminal, Kochi

Hi Lite Mall, Calicut

Infopark, Kochi

The versatility and possibilities in wall texturing and its potential was the brainchild behind GALTEX texture world. In depth research, quality standards and myriad finishes unmatched by any brand, international influences in designs and customer experience with GALTEX is taking India by storm, where every building vies to be GALTEXed.

Reveal your inner self.
Show the difference.

We are all unique. Reveal your creativity by means of photography.

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Galtex Middle East participated in the Citybuild Show in Abu Dhabi in March 2011 to showcase the product range to the target audience, realtors, designers and architects. The rave reviews and the positive feedback from Citybuild inspired us to participate in the renowned Big 5 Show in Dubai in November 2011. It served as the right experience platform for Galtex textures at a true global event

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