GALTEX is a flagship company exclusively into decorative specialty paints, textures, coatings and other decorating finishers for broad spectrum user profiles ranging from commercial and residential infrastructure, object d’art to a fine piece de resistance.Galtex is backed by a solid experience of over 15 years in the domain, and has spearheaded the shift in surface coatings with fresh, Exclusive, quality and trendy finishers to suit the requirements, seasons and the global trends in the design industry.GALTEX is an offshoot of the global texture brand GALTEX – the intent of this organization to provide platinum standards of service to our customers, live quality, understand the nuances of the customer expectations and work to fulfill them to the hilt, build rapport with the design experts in the region, help every customer feel special – and to build a robust customer base to position ourselves as the texture company of choice in Asia and the Middle East.


To be the premium and preferred provider of best in class texture finishes and decorating products, surprise and delight our customers with excellent products, quality and service and always achieve measurable result in our chosen markets.


To help our clients and customers with every opportunity to innovate, reengineer and think out of the box with their decorating needs and enhance the aesthetics, durability and cost efficiency in the most customer friendly, economical manner with quality and commitment as a non-negotiable element.


Galtex’s mission is to become a leading specialty paint supplier in the Asia & GCC region

We commit to merit:

Customer expectations for quality, value and satisfaction in our products. To offer a state of the art, world class texture experience. The availability of a range of comprehensive pattern at competitive rates. Best quality natural products ensure eco & geofriendly properties. To becoming a specialty decorative paint brand sought after, in the region.


Clients – to take immense care of our clients – we are here because of them
Confident – Sure of market trends and understanding the psyche of the customer
Sustainable – enduring, durable, eco-friendly products face the test of time
Honest – Always with unyielding integrity
Surprising – Unmatched range of finishes year on year, all four seasons