LNG Terminal, Kochi

Hi Lite Mall, Calicut

Infopark, Kochi

Over the years, GALTEX has decorated the who's who of South India's popular buildings that they stand tall as testimonies to GALTEX's success. It's a proud feeling to see the buildings look brand new even years after they were textured by GALTEX, truly making it the wisest decision and investment. Join us in the GALTEX experience, as we familiarize you with only some of the crème-de-la-crème of our esteemed client list. So, next time, you are out on the road anywhere, you will remember GALTEX for all good reasons! This is beside thousands of homes that stand out from the rest with our finishes. It is not just massive, hi-budget commercial showrooms, hotels, resorts, theaters or malls that we have worked on- we have equally contributed to beauty Corporation offices, banks, schools and offices. Take a look at the list….and it goes on……..literally making GALTEX omnipresent.