Galtex offers a whole range of specialty finishes and patterns – ranging from flat, 3-D, recessed, relief, glossy, matt and metallic surfaces. More than a wall finish, it makes sense to look at it as a work of art to adorn your walls. Any pattern or finish that you would have come across anywhere, can be recreated for your walls exclusively, and we believe repetition of the same finish that everyone makes is no reason to call it a specialty finish. Hence, Galtex offers a mind blowing, never-seen before range of patterns, which are replenished every season. Experience our unique range, as words wouldn’t suffice to express its versatility.


Every texture finish is unique. Play with your imagination and never take your idea take a backseat as all of them are dorable now with Galtex special effects – be it effects like Gleaming Marble, Rough Marble, Rusted Oxidized, Corroded, Cracked, Broomed, Enameled, Stucco, Moss… and what not, each brought about by specialty art decorating tools. Now you get to have great finishers, on it if you please and also outstanding special effects all from Galtex.


Being a team of experts at texture application, we offer training work-shops on texture application, which wakes you up to the intricacies of creating each finish, at the same time realizing how simple, time-saving, aesthetic and cost effective it is – this service is available on request, for like minded interested teams who in turn be brand ambassadors of Galtex.


Besides the range of specialty textures on offer, Galtex focuses on customization of textures at the customer’s wish and request – this being its unique selling proposition. While standard brands force stereotyped, repetitive finishers down the customer’s throat, here we let your imagination take shape and provide full-fledged support to make it reality. You may get us a picture, swatch, or even a tiny piece of cloth, or an unconventional tool which makes pattern at random which you may want to recreate on the wall – it can be anything, and we make it happen for you, chin up. Also if the finish is that close to your hear that you would not want any remarks or repetitions of it, with due respect we code it exclusive, making it a true designer finish. We do not stop at customizing just the textures, but our entire graffiti series two – now, can you stop our mind meandering wild?


With two products as different as chalk and cheese – texture and graffiti, galtex makes it a killer combination to create piece de’resistance on your walls. For those who are not endowed with a slant for design, we are not endowed with a slant for design, we offer the services of a veteran team of design consultants and texture application professionals who can provide you the answer to all your big and small questions, suggestions on color, what is vogue what goes with the season, the perfect huse to create the right ambience – thus not having a CXO sitting in fireenging red cabin with zebra walls or a media advertising executive in a drab gray monotone cube! Be it advise on the right pattern, color, finish area, theme, graffiti, suitability, proportion, size and virtually visualizing the end effect – we do it all for you.